Insurance and Our Partnership in the Process

The complexities, many times, of your health insurance benefit plan can be stressful for our patients and unclear on the possible requirements of their individual health plan. We take the stress, the mystery and the work away and do all the verifying of the complete details of your policy as it relates to bariatric surgery, follow-up care and ongoing support. We let you know what your plan provides should you decide to have bariatric surgery and any possible out-of-pocket costs and/or deductibles.

GSBWC and Billing Support

Our dedicated billing department works WITH our patients from their 1st bill and continuously throughout the process. Five Star service is top to bottom, inside and out at GSBWC. It may be hard to believe that our billing department is your advocate; your partner and your champion. Well they are! Our patients are always pleasantly surprised that they experience the same superior service and warmth found in our surgical team when discussing payments and options. They work with each patient, on a case by case basis,and do everything to ensure a billing concern, issue or outstanding balance with the office does not get in the way of a patient successfully having the surgery that if life-saving for so many.

Insurances we accept

  • We accept most insurance with Out-Of-Network Benefits
  • Our team verifies for YOU all of the benefits of your individual plan and will tell you what you have; what, if any, are your out-of-pocket expenses

We are in-network with the following insurance plans:

  • Qualcare/St. Barnabas Health Plan
  • Medicare (we are the only private practice that purposely chose to be in-network with Medicare to support patients. Medicare can ONLY go to a Center of Excellence bariatric surgeon. We chose to go in-network years ago as part of our philosophy to provide superior care to as many patients as possible and Medicare demands patients see a COE surgeon only.

Insurances we Do Not currently participate in

  • Medicaid (and any plan with Medicaid as part of that plan)
  • AmeriChoice
  • Amerigroup
  • Healthnet/Medicaid
  • Horizon NJ Family Care

The best way to find out if your insurance plan has the benefits you need (to have them pay for the surgery and any follow-up care with our offices) is to call, click or email us. Once we have your information on the policy and other details, we will get back you within 24 hours of receiving your request to discuss your options.

We look forward to supporting your goals, your healthy commitment to change and for considering our office for your bariatric surgery journey.

Reclaim Your Health, Your Body… Renew Your Life