Insurance and Our Partnership in the Process

The complexities of health insurance benefits can be stressful. We take the stress, mystery and work away by completing the benefits verification process for you.  After speaking directly with your insurance company about your specific plan, you will know exactly what your plan provides including out-of-pocket costs and/or deductibles.

We accept most insurance with Out-Of-Network Bariatric Benefits.  Call, click or email us for more information.

GSBWC and Billing Support

Our dedicated billing department works with our patients from their 1st bill and continuously throughout the process.  Our billing department is your advocate, your partner and your champion. Our patients are always pleasantly surprised that they experience the same superior service and warmth found in our surgical team when discussing payments and options with our billing team. GSBWC works with each patient, on a case by case basis, to ensure all billing concerns are addressed.  

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