GSBWC Bariatric Guide Book

We provide our guide book to our patients once they are closer to their surgery date. Our book is designed to give you the tools you need before, during and within the 1st year of your surgery. Your dietary and nutritional needs are in the book as well as other key information that we go over with you throughout the process. The guide book is meant to keep you on track and remind you of your role in your process. The guide book does not replace any counsel or possible changes to the standardized information. If Dr. Bilof and/or Dr. Yurcisin asks that you do something differently than in our guide book, please make a note in the book of the change edited for your particular needs. Unlike the consult packet, this is YOUR guide book; so take notes, keep it close and access the information all along the way!

Download Your Guide Book To Bariatric Surgery

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