Ocean County. You Asked, I Listened

I have a fair number of patients in the Ocean County/Shore area, and I often would get the same feedback, from many of you……

…..which was that, gee, Millburn is awfully far away!  So now I’ve gone and done something about it…..I’ve opened a satellite office in Ocean County!

Specifically the new address is:

355 Route 9,
Bayville, NJ 08721

I even have a new local (Ocean County) number: 732-269-6800.

So, for all of you Monmouth and Ocean county (Shore) folks we are now coming to you.  I will be having office hours there every other Friday.  I actually started seeing patients there several weeks ago, but held off on the “official” announcement until we got (most) of the kinks out.

So if you have had surgery, there is now no excuse not to follow up!  And if you have someone who was thinking about coming to see me for bariatric surgery, but was getting stopped by all of the travel involved….also no excuses!

As those of you who have seen me know, most of the insurance companies require several months of a “pre-operative program” before they will approve the surgery.  I know that traveling up to Millburn every month for this was a bit of a burden.  So if you live in Monmouth/Ocean counties you can now do all of that at my Bayville office.  If you want to make an appointment you can call either the 732 number above or the usual Millburn number (973-218-1990).  Again, I will be there every other Friday….hope to see you soon.


I am introducing a new feature, called “Ask Karla” for those of you who don’t know Karla, she is our nutritionist here at Garden State Bariatrics.  If you have any nutritional questions please email them to laf@gsbwc.com and in an upcoming edition of the newsletter Karla will answer them.  Thanks to those of you who have sent in your questions, we have gotten them.


We are doing something a little different this month with the support group…. a class trip!  The group will meet at the usual location, 200 South Orange Ave, Livingston, NJ at 6 pm, and then head out to Trader Joe’s in Florham Park for some “nutritional shopping” with our very own Karla.  Last Wednesday’s trip with the patients who had surgery less than a year ago was a big hit.  The remaining support groups for the month are:

Wednesday June 17th for all Band patients
Wednesday June 24th for all patients who have had surgery over one year ago.


I will also be having a patient information seminar on Wednesday June 24th at my Millburn office at 6 pm.  This is for anyone interested in finding out about bariatric surgery.  It is very informal and I will be giving a short presentation and answering any questions about either bypasses or bands.  If you know someone who might be interested in coming to the seminar please call the office at 973-218-1990 or email us at: laf@gsbwc.com to reserve a spot.

End Quote:
“The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them”

Thanks for reading, and allowing me to participate in your  healthcare.
Michael Bilof

Contact Information

web site address: https://www.gsbwc.com
phone: (973) 218-1990 and (732) 269-6800

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