November 24, 2008 - Top Ten Reasons to come to Dr. Bilof's Holiday Pa

Ok, I’ve mentioned over the last several newsletters about the 2nd Annual Holiday Party.  So far we’ve gotten a pretty good response, and to everyone who said they are coming….Thank  you!  I am looking forward to seeing you on December 8th at “The Chanticler, 500 Millburn Ave, Millburn, NJ 07041.  Festivities start at 7pm.  If you are still sitting on the fence, checking  your schedule or whatever, perhaps I can persuade you… are the Top 10 reasons to come to the party!

Top Ten Reasons

1)  It’s free!

2)  It’s fun!

3) No scales……I promise

4) Get your picture taken…..but only if you want to (yes we will have a photographer)

5)  Dancing…..we will have a DJ

6) What better way to get back the money you laid out for deductibles and co-pays all year.

7) We have to beat last years attendance of 250

8) Food you can eat…..even if you had surgery a week ago…or a year ago.

9) You can bring guests.

10)  Last but not least….Name the Green Guy.  Who is the Green Guy you ask….well in case you haven’t noticed I’ve changed my logo.  If you scroll to the top of this email you will see the “Green Guy”, my new logo.  He (or maybe she….I don’t know) needs a name.  Around the office he/she is affectionately known as the “Green Guy” or “The Flying Green Dude”, but I think it is time for a real name.  We will have a suggestion box at the party for the name and whoever suggests the winning name will get acknowledged in this newsletter and get a nice prize.

Well there you have it the Top Ten Reasons to come to the Holiday Party…..hope to see you December 8th!  Again if you are coming please let us know by emailing your response to

Have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving….but don’t eat too much 🙂

Michael Bilof

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