November 2008 - We've Moved!

In case you were not able to tell from the title of this edition of the newsletter….let me just say it again……we’ve moved!

Ok, so I talked about this in a recent email, but the official move happened over the weekend…..oh the joys of moving :))  My team and I are now comfortably moved into our new digs at the following address:

225 Millburn Ave Suite 204 Millburn, NJ 07041   directions are on my website at  the location is very convenient off of Route 78.   973-218-1990 (phone) 973-218-1993 (fax)    For anyone who has had surgery and hasn’t been to see me in more than a year (and you know who you are!) this is the perfect excuse to come in for a visit.  My team and I have gone to great lengths to make the office comfortable and inviting, I hope you find it pleasing.   If I can get back to being a doctor for a moment….if you haven’t been to the office in more than a year,  you really need to come in (and not just to see the new office) to get blood work checked.    Remember vitamin deficiences can develop after a gastric bypass two or three years after the surgery, so even if you are feeling fine you need to get vitamin levels checked once a year.  If everything is going fine then after two years you will only need once a year follow up.      ********HOLIDAY PARTY********* A reminder… the 2nd Annual Garden State Bariatrics Holiday Party is set for Monday December 8th at “The Chanticler” the address is 500 Millburn Ave, Millburn, NJ (literally about one mile down the road from the new office). The party starts at 7 pm.  The party is open to anyone who has been a patient in the office and their guests, and it’s a celebration of all you’ve accomplished!  Don’t worry if you haven’t been to the office in more than a year…..for this night you get a free pass!  If you are coming I just ask that you RSVP by December 1st at   Hope to see you there!End Quote:“A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kickboxing” Emo Philips  (I know….I never heard of him either, but he is apparently a comedian with a very  high pitched voice.) Thanks for reading and trusting me with your healthcareMichael Bilof   

Contact Information

web site address:
phone: (973) 218-1990

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