November 2008 - November Support Groups

Hello again, I just wanted to let everyone know about the November support groups and I realized the first one is tomorrow!

November Support Groups

 I hope everyone recognizes the new email format.  I have tried to personalize it.  The block above is supposed to say “Dear……”  the blank is supposed to be your first name if it isn’t I apologize it may mean your name is entered into our database incorrectly or some other glitch.  I have gotten some feedback from patients because it has the last name where the first name is supposed to be….sorry about that :).  I don’t have an easy or quick fix for that, but I wanted everyone to know I was aware of it.  Anyway the reason for this update is just to let people know about the support groups for November.

 We are trying to do support groups that focus on special topics and this month is “Restaurant Eating”.  Have you had the experience of going out to eat and looking at the menu and not knowing if something is good for you or if it will agree with you, or even….what the heck is in that??  Well if that sounds like an experience you have had….this months support group is for you!  Basically trying to make going out to eat a little less stressful, particularly with the holiday season coming up. The dates for the November Support Group are: November 5th  “The Newbies”, patients who have had gastric bypass less than one year ago. November 12th is for band patients and November 19th is for patients who had surgery more than one year ago. All support groups are at:  200 South Orange Ave, Livingston, NJ (the ACC also known as the Ambulatory Care Center), starting at 6 pm.


HOLIDAY PARTY!!!!   The 2nd Annual Garden State Bariatrics Holiday Party will be December 8th starting from 7 – 10 pm.  Patients and guests are welcome.  If you are planning on being there please RSVP to by December 1st so we can get a head count. Thanks and hope to see as many of you there as possible!   That’s it for this now, Michael Bilof 

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