November 2008 - NJ Top Doctors

I know what your thinking…..two newsletters in one week!  This one is brief, I promise

For those of you who subscribe to the magazine NJ Monthly the October issue is known as the “Top Doctor’s” issue.  Basically the magazine polls doctors from NJ to vote on who they think are the top doctors in their fields.  The docs who get the most votes are considered “Top Doctors”. 

 This year their were a little more than 500 docs from the entire state of NJ who were voted “Top Doctors”, (there are about 25 thousand doctors in the entire state of NJ).   I am humbled, and very honored, that this year I was voted one of the Top Docs.  Many of you have either emailed me or sent letters and although I couldn’t respond to everyone individually I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the well wishes. Michael Bilof 

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