November 2008 - JAMA Article


I don’t know if everybody watched the game last night, but if youdidn’t you missed a good one. The best part of course is that the rightteam won! Don’t worry though, if you are a Patriots fan I’m stillwilling to take care of you!

I’ve been getting a fair number of calls, questions and emailsabout a study that was published last week in the “Journal of theAmerican Medical Association” (JAMA). This study has gotten a lot ofattention in the regular press so I wanted to mention it briefly. Thisstudy was published in JAMA and basically showed that bariatric surgerywas a better treatment for early type II diabetes (which is the mostcommon type of diabetes). For any of you reading this newsletter thathave not had the surgery and are diabetic (or have a family history ofdiabetes) this is important news. This study basically showed thatbariatric surgery was more effective treatment for diabetes than thebest conventional therapy. This is similar to the studies I mentionedin my last newsletter which were published in the New England Journalof Medicine in August of 2007. As you may recall those studies showedthat patients who had bariatric surgery lived longer than patients whodidn’t have surgery. Taken together these studies are part of anincreasing body of evidence that bariatric surgery works and saves lives! It can eliminate or dramatically improve disease.

That insurance companies continue to create artificial barriersfor patients who are trying to access this life-saving surgery issimply immoral in my opinion… but there I go getting on my soapboxagain… sorry I couldn’t help it!

By the way if any of you are having trouble getting your companyto cover bariatric surgery and would like copies of these articles toshow to your human resources department, let me know, I’ll be happy toget you copies.

Also if you know someone who should be getting this (or wants to get it and has not) they need to add or to their “safelist.”

Again, thanks for reading and trusting me with your healthcare.

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