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Depending on when you read this I hope you are either properly prepared for (or have survived) the "Frankenstorm", "Storm-Aggedon", "Perfect Storm2" or "SuperStorm Sandy" (or whatever else it is being called at this point)!!

If you are reading this you obviously have electricity and an internet connection.  Below you will find some special offers we are making to all the patients who come to the Holiday Party this year…. (and just to remind you, the Holiday Party is December 3rd from 6 to10 pm at "The Venetian" in Garfield, NJ, and ALL our patients are invited!!)


The Venetian 546 River Drive Garfield NJ 07026 December 3rd 2012 6pm-10pm. Check out their website here:

 Before we get to the "special offers" for this years Holiday Party, what is the 1%?  No it is not the 1% the politicians are talking about.  I am talking about a far more important 1%….I am talking about the 1% of people who are eligible for bariatric surgery who actually have bariatric surgery!!  This is really important, so let me say it again….only 1% of people in this country who are eligible for bariatric surgery actually get bariatric surgery.

So, if you have had bariatric surgery, you really are the 1%….now, don't you feel special 🙂  I am making a little joke but the truth is….you should feel special, you are the 1% who 'figured it out' and  realized what a difference this surgery could make in your life and then you took action….so congratulations!

But what about the other 99%?  They are still out there, suffering needlessly with diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, back and joint pains, heart disease, infertility (the list goes on and on).  The other 99% are your friends, co-workers, brothers, sisters, parents, children etc and trust me they are suffering needlessly.  Every day in the office people tell me "I wish I had done this 10 years ago".  Lets make sure that 2013 is the year that the people in your life get their health back!

The theme for this years Holiday Party is "Pay it Forward"…you don't have to pay back the person who referred you to our practice, you are going to pay it forward to someone else! Give someone else the gift of health. So what are the special offers we have put together to help you pay if forward?

First, Dr Yurcisin and I are going to do a special one hour event for any guest who comes to the party to find out about bariatric surgery.  A very personal, "low key, no pressure" event to find out all about bariatric surgery….best of all your guests can see that the food we serve at the party (all of which is 'bariatric friendly') is delicious and healthy.  People often think they can't eat normal food after bariatric surgery but after going to the Holiday Party your guests will realize that is just not true.

Our second offer will be this: Every patient who comes to the party this year will get a voucher for a free initial consultation in our office.  You can give this voucher to anyone in your life you wish to (friend, co-worker, relative, stranger, whoever you want)… so you really can "Pay it Forward"!

Friendly  reminder, we will be sending out invitations to the Holiday Party thru 'snail mail' in the next couple of weeks, but if you would like to let us know that you are coming you can email us at:  Also, make sure to let us know how many guests.

And by the way, if anyone has ideas for other things we can do at the Holiday Party to help our patients pay it forward this year, let us know (you can email me at,, we are open to suggestions!!  


From the Gut... by Glynn Fluitt
Mr. Fluitt is a patient that has graciously offered to contribute to the newsletter – his column is a welcomed addition to the GSBWC newsletter and its readers!



No-Dread Doctor Visits!


I took the day off yesterday to go see my doctor. Usually a dreaded, pain in the butt event, but a necessary one.


I am actually proud of my health care track record. I didn't dread this visit at all. Indeed, I was a little smug! Between my various doctors, I have my blood work done every 4 to 6 months. I step on a scale regularly. I take vitamins and I exercise regularly.


This is not a build up to a "but…" story. This is exactly what it sounds like. I'm now 51 years old. My blood pressure was fine (124/80), my breathing was fine, my carotid sounded great, my neck exam of glands was good, my reflexes were spectacular and my prostrate was "smooth…no bumps". (HEY! I promised Dr. Bilof that I'd tell you everything!!).


I had just finished a 50-mile bike ride the day before (Bike The River Valley — look it up and join me on one of the trips next season!!) My doctor looked at me and said "so far I give you an A+!". So I'm going for full blood work (including my A1c … ALWAYS ask your doctor to include the A1c … We can talk about that later. Better yet .. Google it for yourself … It sticks with you better that way). He did an EKG and I'll hear about that soon. We've scheduled "the" oscopy (ugh) and the most I dread about that is the preparation the day before and the foul tasting "cleanser" I have to drink. But …oh well.


Point is… Not only am I no longer morbidly obese — I'm HEALTHY!!! The doctor didn't look at me and say I need to lose a few pounds. He didn't say you need to get some exercise. He didn't say "I'm going to send you over to see ….". I'm HEALTHY!!


Not only am I healthy because I have lost the weight of a small child, but because I'm also so much more aware of my body. I'm 4 years post-WLS and my body has figured out how to absorb calories and my dumping days are pretty much behind me. BUT my education stuck with me. I may eat a piece of cake at a party, but I'll take two bites and put it down. My weakness
is tortilla chips, and I'll still eat them. But now I eat them from a small cereal bowl rather than from the bag. AND I still chase down protein. My rule of thumb:


Protein grams x 4 MUST be greater than 50% or more of the calorie intake.

If not, balance it out in the day with high protein intake (New Whey 42 gram liquid protein shots for example).


What is my point? Nothing!!! But if what you take away from this is "better choices, better intentions, and better maintenance equals better quality of life", then I feel accomplished. I want EVERYONE to feel as good as I do.

I'm not a model and I never will be. But MAN do I feel good!! I'm half a century old and I just finished a half-century bike ride!! JOIN ME!!


Okay, so here's a point that just struck me. Hmmm. If you're NOT the person who is considering WLS but rather you are the one that has a relationship with someone that doesn't feel THIS good, share my thoughts with them.

Don't badger ("you need to lose weight!! You're gonna die!! You need to get to the gym!!"). Instead provide them the opportunity to self-realize what their potential can be.


And give them my twitter info!




I see every "follow". I read every comment. And I will respond to direct messages. It is my HONOR to do so.


Glynn ReferralImageBB





Real Men and Women DO eat Quiche! Here is an easy, delicious and hi-protein recipe anyone can make – and it serves 8! – perfect for a get together with friends!

   Cheesy Crustless Quiche


    4 oz. cubed baby low fat Swiss
    6 oz. grilled chicken breast, cut up into 1″ cubes
    10 oz. shredded low fat mozzarella cheese
    3 large eggs
    1 cup skim milk
    Oregano to season (if desired)
    Non-stick cooking spray
    9″ pie pan  


    Preheat oven to 400 degrees
    Spray 9″ pie pan with non-stick cooking spray
    Fill the pie pan with the cubed baby Swiss and cubed chicken breast
    Spread the 2 cups of shredded mozzarella cheese over the top of the entire mixture
    Sprinkle the oregano on the top to taste
    In a separate bowl, whip together the eggs and skim milk. Pour over the chicken and cheese.
    Bake at 400 degrees for 40 minutes (The top will be very lightly browned when finished)
    Let cool and serve immediately or cover with tinfoil and place in refrigerator

Feel free to add cooked vegetables to preferences- tomatoes, onions, green pepper.


(1/8 quiche) Remember it Serves 8!

    176 calories
     9 g fat
    3.6g carbohydrate
    2g sugar
    19.5 g protein  




Patients are frequently asking for suggestions on how to keep track of what they eat and how they know the mix of what is in what they eat – Protein, Sodium, Fiber,Carbs, Good and Bad Fats) especially when they are out or do not have access to the labels of the food they are eating.  If you want a mobile application to assist you when on the run, out eating or just like having it at your fingertips at all times…there is a Free Smartphone App called "LOSE IT!" that I have been suggesting to patients as an option to work the menu and menu the work for before, during and after surgery.  I have reviewed the app and find it to be a good way to help you work your plan.  

If you are using it now – would love to hear how it is working for you.  

We are not associated with the app in any way or receive any compensation for recommending the application 🙂 –

Upcoming Free Seminars
The next Free Informational seminar is at our Millburn office on Wednesday October 31st, 2012 starting at 6:30pm.  Dr. Bilof leads the discussion on weight loss, your surgical options and if 'Bariatric Surgery is Right for Me?'.
If you or your guests cannot make the 10/31/12 seminar, Dr. Yurcisin continues to lead our seminars with our next seminar on Wednesday November 14th, 2012 at 6:30pm in our Millburn office. Reserve your seat for you and your friends!


Time: 5:30pm for all of our South Jersey guests

Place: Center for Healthy Living 198 Prospect Street Lakewood, NJ – call us today to reserve your seat!

To Find out more, simply click here for Dates and Locations of Seminars!
We welcome your guests and anyone that wants to know more about the benefits of bariatric surgery.

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