Weight Loss Scams

Wait, hold the phone, tell me it ain't so! You mean there are scams when it comes to weight loss products??? Yes, dear reader and in other breaking news, tomorrow the sun will rise in the East

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I realize I am making lite of something that affects many people and in some cases can actually be dangerous!  Always check with either a doctor or better yet a pharmacist when taking "supplements" as sometimes they can have very powerful drugs in them and there is very little oversight of supplements.According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) weight loss products are the most common type of consumer fraud in the country.  I want to mention three in the newsletter today that have been the subject of a recent crackdown by the FTC but if you want to get the latest information you can go to a special website set up by the FTC by clicking here

First up is Sensa Crystals, I first wrote about Sensa crystals in this very newsletter almost two years ago (It was called, "Does Sensa Make Sense?" you can see what I wrote here).
At the time I said I was very skeptical of the claims Sensa was making. Well, it turns out  
so was the FTC.  The agency said there was no good evidence to support their claims.  Sensa agreed to pay a $26 million dollar fine and change their advertising.  $26 million sounds like a lot of money until you realize that Sensa apparently had sales of $364 million since 2008!  I hope none of the money came from anyone reading this newsletter.Lean Spa acai berry and colon cleanse weight loss supplements are next up in our Hall of Shame.  These were promoted thru fake news websites,  (Holy Smokes Batman….you mean you can't believe everything you read on the internet!!).  Unsuspecting customers were given a "free trial" which then turned into an automatic recurring charge which was very hard to cancel.  By the way, this is a common method with these types of scams..they will give you a "free" trial but you have to give credit card info and the monthly charge is hard to cancel.  My advice…if it is truly a "free" trial you shouldn't need to give your credit card.

Last up is the HCG Diet Direct.  Apparently  customers paid $200 for a 40 day supply of a human hormone that according to the FTC has been "touted by hucksters" for decades as a diet aid.  If you were one of the customers, good luck getting your money back as the company is claiming they cannot pay the judgement.

Keeping track of weight loss scams is like a game of "Whack a Mole"..if you've ever played you know as soon as you whack one mole another pops up!

So, couple of Do's and Don'ts to remember when it comes to weight loss and weight loss products….1) Do check the FTC website I mentioned above to get the latest info.  2) Do be very skeptical of weight loss supplements that "guarantee" rapid, no effort weight loss.  3) Don't ever give your credit card info to get a "free" sample

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