The Old You


First off, I have to confess that I have "borrowed" most of today's newsletter from a recent issue of Oprah's daily blog.  If  you would like to read the original, the link is here:
The Old You

If you have ever read Oprah's daily blog you know there are frequently articles about people changing their lives and handling the issues that sometimes come up with life's changes.  The one from February 21st, I thought was particularly relevant to bariatric patients.

How many times have lovers said to each other "Promise me you'll never change."  Well guess what folks?  Bariatric surgery is a big change, and you should be ready for other people's opinion about such a big change!

One of the things that frequently surprises people who have transformed their life in some way is they find the people who they are closest to are sometimes threatened by it!  They basically like "The Old You" and find "The New You" threatening!

We are social animals, we exist in a community of other people…our friends, co-workers, family members etc.  Think of all the people in your life as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, likewise you are one of the pieces in the jigsaw puzzles of everybody in your life

If one of the pieces of an actual jigsaw puzzle changes it affects the whole puzzle, right?  In the same way, if somebody changes dramatically they suddenly don't fit quite as well into everyone's jigsaw puzzle and this can sometimes result in pushback from the people in your community.  The pushback can manifest in different ways….sabotage, the "cold shoulder" or lack of cooperation.  If you have ever experienced this type of pushback, well congratulations…you must be doing something right!  You must really be transforming yourself!

One of the main reason's I got into bariatric surgery is because it causes such a change in people's lives, and it is exciting to work with people who are up to making big changes in their lives.

The weight loss is just an outward manifestation of far deeper changes that occur..medical problems disappear, patients feel physically much better and this results in a sense of emotional and psychological well-being as well.  Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly,  you leave the old you behind so the new you can emerge.   
The New Us

Here at Garden State Bariatrics & Wellness Center we like to practice what we preach!  So we shed some of our old self and completely re-designed our website.  We are still at: but I would invite you to check it out.  You will find a whole lot of new and improved content!

We also now have a You Tube channel! The link is here:
You will see video clips from over the years.  Some of the clips are from patient events, others of Television appearances, of course the Holiday Parties and even one of me skydiving!
Obesity Help

If you have had bariatric surgery or thinking of  having bariatric surgery a website that many people find helpful is "".

It is a useful site with a great deal of information about bariatric surgery, surgeons who do bariatric surgery and forums to chat with other patients.

There is also a print magazine called "OH" which is published four times per year…the winter issue is out now and the title is "Jennifer's Journey" and features an article written by yours truly.  The title of the article is "Protein: Nuts and Dairy".  If you would like to check out the magazine or subscribe the link is here:
Patient Information Seminar

We will have a free patient informational seminar this Wednesday (February 29th) at our Millburn office:

225 Millburn Ave, Suite 204, Millburn 07041

The seminar starts at 6:30 pm and is free and open to anyone interested in finding out about bariatric surgery.

End Quote

Ok, so like most of this particular edition of my newsletter I am stealing this quote from Oprah's February 21st blog, the quote is from Steven Jobs, but it is perfect for what we were talking about,

"Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice"
Steven Jobs   
In Good Health,

Michael Bilof, MD
Garden State Bariatrics & Wellness Center

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