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If you read my last newsletter you know it was called "The Old You" about breaking free of the old chains (other people's opinions mostly) which keep you down.  In that newsletter I had hinted at some of the changes going on with our website and elsewhere and called it "The New Us".  In keeping with the spirit of on going change….
While I, (Dr. Bilof) write most of the content of these newsletters, I really can't take credit for the layout and graphics…mostly since my computer skills are pretty close to zero!

So, I have to give credit where credit is due….the new layout and graphics are courtesy of my "computer expert and graphic designer", Laurie Fettinger!  Those of you who know Laurie, know that is an inside joke…she is MUCH more than a 'graphic designer' for the fact I think the graphic design is what she does for fun!.  Anyway, thank you Laurie!

In terms of the content of the newsletter, you will find new links to our You Tube channel and Obesity Help and information on our patient information seminars etc.  We will continue with Marisol's Nutritional Corner, although  now with a picture of Marisol's cheerful/smiling face!

You will also notice on the sidebar on the right is a column called "GSBWC NEWS" where we will announce goings on in the practice that may be of interest to our patients.  This months big announcement is that Dominga Thompson will be stepping up to become the new office manager in the Millburn office, feel free to wish her good luck when you see her!

The biggest difference, however is that we now have a column written by one of our patients, Glynn Fluitt.  Based on the samples I have seen so far I think you will find them very compelling, if I say so myself, he writes well.  More importantly though I think patients (both those who have had surgery and those considering it) will find it useful as it is written from the perspective of someone "living it" everyday.  We plan on making Mr. Fluitt's column (called "From the Gut") a regular feature, however he also has a blog you can follow if you like..the link is below.

From the Gut... by Glynn Fluitt
Mr. Fluitt is a patient that has graciously offered to contribute to the newsletter – his column is a welcomed addition to the GSBWC newsletter and its readers!


Where the clothes are…


Years ago, before I'd even considered WLS (weight loss surgery), my wife and I flew to California to attend a friend's wedding. It was a relatively casual affair — yet NOT as casual as my wife had presumed it to be. As a result, I had not brought the proper attire to be seen amongst this group of friends.


Thus began the mad dash to find a suitable sports jacket at the 11th hour.


We were in a coastal area, so there were plenty of beach shops, and boutique clothing stores. Within striking distance there were suburban malls. But what there was NOT, was a Rochester's Big & Tall — and I wasn't "tall"!


There also wasn't the proliferance of internet devices (or internet service!). We deferred to the yellow pages and good nature of the oft indifferent sales staff at the "normal" stores where we would stop.


Shopping for clothes as a "morbid" (again, my term for my previous obese

state) was never an activity of leisure. It was constantly a treasure hunt where the "treasure" was what I would eventually settle upon. There was no "I like the way that looks! I'm going to go get me one!!". More it was, "I don't remember if this store has anything over a 48.".


It has been so much fun, now, being able to go to a store and have a sales person say "can I help you find anything?" rather than "I don't know if we have anything your size.". I'm not (yet) ready for my modeling career (wink), but it is such a joy to shop where the "real people" buy.


The activity now is to purchase what I think looks good on ME rather than trying to look good in the ONLY thing I could purchase.


Follow me @BariatricDude


I'm a clothes horse!



Marisol's Nutritional Corner

Not All soups are created equal – and we know that a great soup is hard to beat. Try this quick recipe to see how 'quick' does not mean you have to sacrifice taste and nutrition!

From Marisol's Corner on our Newsletter

Yummy, nutritious filling meal – takes approximately 30 minutes from start to finish!


Acorn Squash and Cannellini Bean Soup  

makes 8 servings/ each serving 1 cup   



    1 tablespoon olive oil
    1 small onion, chopped
    1 large clove of garlic, coarsely chopped
    1 small acorn squash, cubed (makes about 2 cups cubed)
    1 can Cannellini beans, drained
    5 cups of Low-Sodium chicken broth (vegetable broth can be substituted)
    1/2 cup of grape tomatoes
    1/2 cup of dry whole wheat pasta
    1 cup of kale (can substitute collard greens)
    Ground pepper to taste


To prepare the acorn squash: Cut the squash in half.  Remove seeds with a large spoon.  Place squash on cutting board cut side facing down on the board.  Cut into slice and then cube the slices.  Measure out 2 cups of cubed squash.


Now heat the oil oil in a 3-quart pot over medium heat.  Add the onions and saute for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Add th
e chopped garlic, the cubed acorn squash and the drained Cannellini beans and cook for 5 more minutes – again stirring occasionally.   Now add the broth and the tomatoes.  Bring all to a boil.  Now lower the heat and cook, uncovered, for 10 minutes.  Now add the dry pasta and kale and cook for 10 more minutes.


All DONE! – Quick, easy, delicious and GOOD for you – What's not to love!




The next Free Informational seminar is this Wednesday March 14th 2012. To Find out more, simply click here for Dates and Locations of Seminars!  We welcome your guests and anyone that wants to know more about the benefits of bariatric surgery.

In This Issue INTROFrom The GutMarisol's Corner

This Seal is the 1st line of Defense for All Patients when looking for a Certified Center of Excellence Bariatric Surgeon.  GSBWC has proudly been  Certified since we began our practice.

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Dominga is Now the Office Manager for the Millburn Office!  Dominga has been with GSBWC as Senior Surgical Coordinator and is now taking on a larger role within GSBWC.  She will continue to support all until a Suitable replacement for the Surgical Coordinator position can be found! All good as we add talent to our offices to ensure our 5-star commitment to each and every patient!
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There will be a support group meeting this Wednesday, March 14th.  It will be held at the usual location:

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It will be held from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm, the guest this month will be Dr. Debra Gill, Licensed psychologist.

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