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Today's newsletter is a special announcement about two (count them TWO) special introductory seminars we are doing this week….

If you are a regular reader you know that last week I introduced our new format and several new features in our newsletter.  Particularly that we have added a new column from one of our patients which will chronicle his journey, both before, during and since his surgery.  I hope you find it enjoyable and something  you can relate to. Today is talking about "firsts", what was your last first??

The special announcement I wanted to make this week is that we have two patient informational seminars this week!  One for our Northern N.J. patients and one for our Southern N.J. patients.

The first will be on Wednesday, March 21st starting at 7:00 pm and is in Northern NJ.  It will be held at YM-YWHA of Union County, the address is:

YM-YWHA of Union County
501 Green Lane
Union, NJ 07083

Of course we wouldn't want to forget about our South Jersey patients so the second patient information seminar is on Thursday, March 22nd, it will be held at:

The Center for Healthy Living
198 Prospect  St.
Lakewood, NJ
(small building in the parking lot of Kimball Hospital)

The best part is both are free, but if you are planning on attending we would greatly appreciate if you would let us know by calling our office 973 218 1990 or emailing us at:
laf@gsbwc.com or sharon@gsbwc.com
Hope to see you with any friends who might be interested there!

From the Gut... by Glynn Fluitt
Mr. Fluitt is a patient that has graciously offered to contribute to the newsletter – his column is a welcomed addition to the GSBWC newsletter and its readers!

"I just tied my shoe!!!"


   What relevance does that exclamation have, and why in the world would I start an article like that? Because the REST of the statement, shouting inside my head, was "and I didn't have to roll-over on my side to reach my foot!!"     That "first" was a celebration. To me. And it stuck in my head so emphatically that I started noting other firsts. "First time I walked home from the train." "First time I  wrapped a towel around my waist after a shower." "First flight without a seat belt extender." "First time I bought a shirt with a neck size smaller than 19 .. 18.5 .. 18, 17.5 … now 17!"     My list is long, and I continue to add to it still. "First time to ride my bike 70 miles in one day!"     Its content is irrelevant to you. It is the EXISTENCE of the list that is important. Now that we are on our way to a healthier (and longer?) life, it is important to celebrate the little trophies along the way. Important to constantly remind ourselves that we are not only conquering limitations, but establishing new baselines from which to grow.     I'm constantly looking for new "firsts". My next is a 7-day, 471 bike ride across Iowa in July (www.ragbrai.com). That's a big goal for me and will require some concerted training. BUT … on my way to this "first", I'm going to be accomplishing a lot of little milestones along the way.     I think that if you start realizing your list of "firsts", you'll find them inspiring. So much so that you won't want each "first" to be your "last".  

  Follow me @BariatricDude.   

 Congrats.   Glynn    



Upcoming Free Seminars
The next Free Informational seminar is Wednesday February 29th 2012. To Find out more, simply click here for Dates and Locations of Seminars!  We welcome your guests and anyone that wants to know more about the benefits of bariatric surgery.

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