September 2019

When we think of celebrating special occasions, we tend to automatically associate it with "splurging" or indulging in meals, desserts and alcohol.
You have dedicated your life to getting healthy...isn't it ok to indulge for one day? The struggle with allowing yourself permission to let go and indulge, it is can often lead to a dangerous decline in progress. Once you allow yourself no limitations, it is much harder to mentally get yourself back on track, especially if the following day is full - a stomach full of food, full of regret and full of emotion.
Your new lifestyle is for the long haul. It's important to retrain your brain out of the diet roller-coaster and temporary goals. It's about learning a balance and removing the all or nothing approach.
If you are celebrating, you can still "indulge" to an extent, as long as you keep it in perspective. You can go out to eat, just make wise choices. Chose a healthier meal, and eat half of your portion instead of giving yourself permission to eat the whole plate. Have a bite of a dessert or share it with the table.
Once you realize food is not forbidden and you can create a healthy balance, you will free yourself from the up and down struggle. You will be able to maintain mental, physical and emotional clarify ...and sustain it. That feeling will fuel & energize you to continue on this healthy journey, while fostering a constant feeling of contentment and pride.

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