Our Best Kept Secret


Hello, and welcome back!  I have been offering a yoga class exclusively for our patients for the last several months….and I wanted to send out a little reminder about our "best kept secret"

 The next class will be held at our Millburn office this Monday April 5th, starting at 7:30 pm and there is no cost for the class.  Subsequent dates will be: Monday May 3rd and Monday June 14th…so mark your calendars!!  If you will be attending please RSVP to:  laf@gsbwc.com or call the office 973-218-1990. (OK to call up to 5 pm Monday)

The instructor is Darcy Bowman who has several hundred hours of training in Yoga and has been an instructor for several years.  Darcy "assists students in listening to their body's own natural wisdom", and loves working with our community.

As my practice represents a rather diverse group, who may or may not know much about yoga I asked Darcy to put together answers to frequently asked questions, take it away Darcy…..

 1.  I am not in shape, and have not exercised in years.  Is the classfor me?
Yogais for every body. It's not a competitive sport, but a very personal practice.The beautiful part of yoga is that you start where you are and move fromthere. For people who are in different places physically and emotionally, thekey is to allow yourself to be in the moment. Ever hear the term "Be HereNow"?. Sounds kind of "hippyish", but that's one of the qualitiesthat keeps folks coming back for more. The yoga that I teach is movementwith breath and that allows your mind to relax from all the stuff going on inyour head, and so you can deal more calmly with what's happening right now, totruly be in the moment. The physical part can all be modified to every onesneeds, whether it is done in a chair, or on the floor, or standing.Modification is part of personalizing the practice for each individual.
 2.  I do not have yoga clothing, is it necessary for me to buy all newclothes?
Yes,spandex is a must!! NO!!! Just kidding! Any non-restricting clothes are fine.It's best to have something that allows you to move easily but doesn'tfall over your head if you fold forward. I like to wear something stretchy,like yoga pants (available in most stores or catalogs these days) and a shirtthat is a little clingy versus a floppy cotton t-shirt. Men can wear sweatpants or shorts and a shirt that isn't too floppy. It's good to practice inbare feet so you don't slip, but part of the practice is done relaxing and it'snice to have sox handy, especially if you're cold natured. The main thing is tofeel comfortable so you can enjoy what you're doing and not worry about yourclothes.

 3.  Do I have to bring anything with me to the class?
It'snice to bring your own mat, if you have one, otherwise I always bring extras.If you want to bring a water bottle, you can bring that. The main thing tobring is an open mind and the willingness to take a chance to try somethingnew.

4.  I have trouble breathing, how will I be able to do anything?
Ifyou have trouble breathing, yoga is the perfect practice for you!  Believe it or not, most of us need to practiceour breathing in a more conscious way. I have several students with severeasthma and they've experienced dramatic results with their ability to breatheeasier and more deeply. Don't expect to get sweaty and out of breath during oursessions.  We're focusing on a more gentle approach that will help put you intouch with your breath, your body, and your mind.

 5.  My joints hurt, is the class suitable for me?
Ipersonally have very bad arthritic knees. Gentle yoga is what keeps me going.If your joints hurt or are achy, the key is to move within your limitations,not to push yourself into anything that could make things worse or be harmful.We will move with ease and awareness and make modifications where needed tohelp you personalize the practice for you.

 6.  I have started another course of exercise that is going well forme.  Why should I consider this class?
Yogacan benefit any other practice. There's yoga for golf, tennis, weight lifters,yoga for dancers, runners, the list can go on forever. Whatever the type ofexercise you may be involved in, yoga can help you bring awareness to your ownbody and how it moves. It brings more flexibility and strength and will morethan likely make whatever your "other" exercise is, more enjoyableand better. Also, I can't emphasize enough the act of proper breathing and howthat alone can enhance every aspect of your life.

 7. What does it mean that the class is designed specifically for theBariatrics community?

WhenI come to teach the class, I come with an open mind and look at each of youindividually. If you can only move in a chair, then you'll do your practice ina chair. If you can stand, but feel safer with your hand on a chair, thenthat's what you can do. If you are able to get down on the floor, we'll getdown on the floor. Each class is dealt with in the moment so that each of you canhave a rewarding and meaningful experience.

It's me again (Dr. Bilof)…let me just say as a medical professional that yoga has amazing benefits in terms of fitness, flexibility and stress reduction (who can't use some of that these days!!!).  If you are free Monday please join Darcy here at the Millburn office for a valuable evening.

Michael Bilof

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web site address: https://www.gsbwc.com
phone: (973) 218-1990

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