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Before we get started I wanted to make a special announcement!  This Thursday we are having our quarterly South Jersey patient informational seminar.  It will be held this Thursday (October 4th) at 5:30 pm at the "Center for Healthy Living", the address is 198 Prospect St, Lakewood, NJ (right next to Kimball Hospital).  If you live in Ocean County feel free to come by and/or bring anyone who might be interested in finding out about weight loss surgery.  Now back to our regularly scheduled program….

About 2 months ago my newsletter discussed the issue of "Is my metabolism slow"?  Today I want to go little further and talk about the best way you can actually increase your metabolism


Man ScaleInner Tube   
Fat…it is an amazing tissue.???  I suspect many patients will find that a rather strange statement for me to make…so what do I mean?  What I mean is that it is fairly safe to say that the only reason human beings have survived as a species is because of fat.

One pound of fat can store an amazing 3,500 calories for future use and it does so with almost no metabolic cost.  Since throughout human history drought and famine were very common it is fairly certain the only reason we survived all the lean years was because of fat.  Only in the last several generations has there been an excess of food.  Ok, so fat is really not so bad for the human body…what is unhealthy is excess fat.  If you have excess fat, how do you get rid of it?

If you have had bariatric surgery (or soon will) you have to make sure that while you are losing weight you are not losing muscle…this is key.  We want to lose fat and not muscle (this is why the protein supplement is so important, it helps prevent muscle lose).  Ok, so not losing muscle is the first step but then what we really want to do is build muscle!  That is really how we can increase your metabolism.

One thing I want to address is something many female patients tell me, which is "I don't want to get muscular" or "I don't want to look like a body builder".  This is not something you have to worry about. I am not talking about that kind of muscle, just a few (one to five) lbs of muscle will make an enormous difference in your metabolism without changing your appearance.

So, we are going to add does it increase our metabolism?  Muscle is the most "metabolically expensive" tissue in the human body.  You need about 50 to 100 calories every day just to keep one pound of muscle tissue alive!  Think about that…..if you add five lbs of muscle to your body you have increased your metabolism by 250 to 500 calories per day!!  That is the same number of calories you would burn jogging several miles!

Now, how do we go about adding muscle mass….excercise! But not just any kind of excercise, you must do resistance work.  A treadmill will not really add muscle mass as well as working with weights.  When your muscles work against resistance (weights) they will grow in order to overcome that resistance.  For most patients it might be helpful to work with a trainer once a week and let them know specifically that you want exercises to build muscle mass.

So, to summarize…fat isn't really so bad, it is excess fat…one of the most important things to keeping weight off is to increase your metabolism and the best way to increase your metabolism is to build muscle mass and to do that you need to work your muscle against some form of resistance (lifting weights)!

And don't forget…this Thursday (Oct 4th) is our South Jersey patient informational seminar at 5:30 pm, 198 Prospect St, Lakewood, NJ….hope to see you there!


From the Gut... by Glynn Fluitt
Mr. Fluitt is a patient that has graciously offered to contribute to the newsletter – his column is a welcomed addition to the GSBWC newsletter and its readers!


   Smoke Gets In My Eyes….


I've never smoked.    ???   So??


My dad smoked. When he would quit, he became an evangelist about how smoking was bad for you, how "easy" it was to quit, how much better you would feel if you, Mr. Or Ms. Smoker, just stopped that filthy habit.


I've heard stories about reformed smokers. Reformed drinkers. They seem to not have a problem walking up to any stranger on the street and extoll upon them, the smokers and drinkers, the benefits of joining them, the non-smokers and non-drinkers.


Here's the problem — and I may have discussed this in an earlier article.

I cannot walk up to someone on the street and say "hey, let me talk to you about weight loss surgery.". It BUGS me!! I can help!! But it just ain't right!


During my daily activities I come across many folks who are among the ranks of the morbidly obese. Just today I was sitting in a waiting room at a surgical center (my son had to have surgery for a broken wrist) and across the room was a middle aged man and his wife — also waiting for their son to come out of surgery.


The woman was an attractive, seemingly fit woman. The man was a little taller than me, but heavier than I was at my heaviest (324). So much so that when the doctor came out to discuss the son and the father positioned himself to raise out of the chair, the doctor said "don't get up! Don't get up! Keep your seat!". The doctor didn't mean to judge, but as an ex-morbid myself, I know that he was reacting to the fact that this man was going through a series of adjustments to accommodate his heft.


I hurt for that man.


I wanted to go show him my old drivers license. We were less than a quarter mile from Garden State's office. I wanted to tell him how much my life had been altered for the better. How no one hastened to accommodate my seated position, how popping up from my seat required leg muscles only, rather than leg/arm/shoulder/back muscles working in tandem like a large physics project.


I listened to their conversation for a while until
I felt like I was being creepy. I was listening for one of them to say something about weight, or diet, or problems sleeping, or anything that would give me entree into the conversation.


I immediately emailed Laurie at the office and said "let's get some t-shirts, sweatshirts, workout shirts, or something that says 'Weight Loss Surgery Success Story — it's okay to ask me about it' ". I wonder how many people would approach ME and say "hey! You look great! Did YOU have weight loss surgery?!"


From diabetes, heart conditions, and other medical ailments, Weight Loss Surgery can change so much more than the numbers on the scale. It also changes the attitude and appreciation those of us ex-morbids have about life and living.


I'd love to hear how you have shared your new found zest for ex-morbid life with others. How have you evangelized? Who's life have you changed? And do you still sit in awe about the new lease you have on your own existence?


Share with me at @BariatricDude.


Oh … And Taylor's surgery went well. He's asleep right now.


Enjoy less of you 😉


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Squash is an amazingly versatile ingredient for the daring cook.  Summer squash, also known as zucchini, need nothing more than gentle cooking and some herbs.  Larger zucchini can be grilled and tossed into salads, sliced into omelets or left whole and baked.  What is great about this vegetable is that it cooks quickly and can be found all year long.   Here is a healthy, quick side dish that is simple to make and delicious!   



Zucchini & Grape Tomatoes

yields 3 to 4 servings (each serving 1 cup)

67 calories per 1 cup serving!


    1 Green zucchini
    1 Yellow zucchini
    1 tablespoon of olive oil
    1/2 teaspoon of McCormick Grinder – Italian Herb Seasoning
    15 grape tomatoes, sliced in half


    Cut the blossom and stem ends off the zucchini & discard
    Slice the zucchini into 1 inch thick rounds & then slice the rounds in half
    In a medium size non stick skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat
    Once the oil is hot, reduce heat to medium-low & add the sliced zucchini, toss to coat  
    Add seasoning  
     Reduce heat to low, cover and cook for 2-3 minutes
     Remove cover, add tomatoes, toss, cover and cook for 5 minutes or until squash is tender  

Click Here for More Recipes to Enjoy!  




Patients are frequently asking for suggestions on how to keep track of what they eat and how they know the mix of what is in what they eat – Protein, Sodium, Fiber,Carbs, Good and Bad Fats) especially when they are out or do not have access to the labels of the food they are eating.  If you want a mobile application to assist you when on the run, out eating or just like having it at your fingertips at all times…there is a Free Smartphone App called "LOSE IT!" that I have been suggesting to patients as an option to work the menu and menu the work for before, during and after surgery.  I have reviewed the app and find it to be a good way to help you work your plan.  

If you are using it now – would love to hear how it is working for you.  

We are not associated with the app in any way or receive any compensation for recommending the application 🙂 –

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