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Any of you who are regular reader's of my newsletter may remember that about a year ago I wrote one called "Liquid Candy" can find the link here

The point of that newsletter was to draw attention to the amount of calories in the things we drink..and in case your wondering..there are often a lot of calories in the things we technical terms many drinks are "calorically dense".

Today I want to talk about fruit juices because there is often a great deal of confusion about fruit juices.  But first let me just cut to the chase and give you the conclusion right now..If you are a bariatric patient
Do not ever drink fruit juices…EVER!

By the way I mean all fruit, apple pomegranate, cranberry, cranapple, pineapple, cranappleberry (don't know if there is a cranappleberry juice..but if there is..don't drink it!!).  My point is this (in case you haven't figured out the point yet) don't ever drink any type of fruit juice.  That includes the new trendy fruit juice that will undoubtedly come out in the know the one with the miracle anti-oxidant properties, that makes you look 10 years younger and can cure cancer.  Even that one..don't drink it!!

Now that you know the conclusion, why is that the conclusion?  Fruit juices are "healthy" aren't they?  I mean fruit is healthy, why isn't fruit juice healthy?   In the simplest terms fruit juice is basically just sugar and water..yes I know it has some fiber and sure it has some vitamins…but not nearly enough to justify the amount of calories.  An 8 ounce glass of orange juice has about 150 calories (all the calories in that 8 ounce glass of Orange Juice are sugar)..really not much different than a can of Coke!

To get that glass of Orange Juice we are essentially squeezing all the sugar and water out of several oranges and putting it in a glass that you can drink in a couple of minutes.   My advice..just eat an orange, much healthier, less calories, more of the fiber and vitamins which is the stuff you want anyway!  Added bonus: When you eat an actual orange you will stay full for a much longer period of time (medical term for that is "satiety"), when you drink the juice you'll be hungry again in 30 – 45 minutes. So just to review….Don't ever drink fruit juices…EVER!!

Support Group

(and your homework assignment!):

The last newsletter (2 wks ago) I wrote was about the class trip everyone was going to take at the Support Group meeting.  At this Wednesday's support group we are repeating the class trip to Trader Joe's, except I have a homework assignment for everyone who is going.

Since you will be at Trader Joe's looking at the different products for sale, pick up some of the juices and see how many calories are in an 8 ounce serving. I would suggest looking at many of the prepared drinks, particularly the one's called "health drinks" (surprise, surprise often times not too healthy).  My nutritionist, Marisol, will be there so you can pick her brain a little bit about this as well.

So the Support Group will meet on this Wednesday, April 20th at 6:00 p.m. at the Ambulatory Care Center (200 South Orange Ave, Livingston) and then everyone will drive over to the Trader Joe's in Florham Park.

As always, thanks for reading and trusting us here at Garden State with your healthcare.

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