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Please excuse my prolonged absence from writing these newsletters.  As anyone who has been to the office recently knows I was on vacation until last week.  Although I had rather grandiose plans to do a newsletter immediately upon my return….alas, those plans fell thru.

My wife and I were in Argentina (Buenos Aires and a more remote part of the country called Salta Province)….very beautiful country.  For any of you who have the 'travel bug' I would highly recommend it.  An added bonus is the US dollar is pretty strong there so for Americans it is a fairly inexpensive place to go.  Anyway, I suspect most of  you don't read this newsletter for travel and currency advice so I'll move on to something that you probably are expecting me to talk about…nutrition!  If you have children today's newsletter will be good for both you and your children….
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If you are a regular reader of this newsletter you hopefully know that I like to keep nutritional advice simple.  Unfortunately far too much nutritional advice gets lost in a maze of technical jargon that is hard enough for an expert (let alone a non-expert) to decipher.

As an example, one of my previous newsletters was called "Eight Words" which attempted to distill all nutritional advice down to eight words anyone could understand…the eight words were: "Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants".  The links to the original newsletters (it was two in two parts) are archived on our website if you would like to read the original:

Well, now we are going to distill nutritional advice down so much a child could understand it! In fact it is just three words:  "Eat a Rainbow"  Indeed, this is so simple, there is a children's book of the same name which you can get on Amazon for about seven dollars.

First a little background…just before going on vacation my wife and I went out to dinner with Dr. Yurcisin and his lovely wife, Andrea.  Dr. Yurcisin has three children under the age of 4 and Andrea was talking about how she had just found this book that was simple enough for her daughter, Adelaide, to understand.  What was interesting was that even though an (almost) 4  year old could understand it, the nutritional advice was fairly good. Intrigued I headed down to the local Barnes and Noble and got the book. (better off just ordering it from Amazon….)

It is indeed written for a child under the age of 6.  The basic idea is everyday to eat all the colors of the rainbow.  You will find that if you do that almost all the food is "real" food (not processed) and it is almost all plants.  For example, Orange would be carrots and peaches, Yellow would be corn and a banana, Green is avocado and peas…you get the point.

So, if you can't remember to Eat real food, not too much, mostly  plants then how about everyday remember to Eat a Rainbow.  And tell your kids (better yet, get the book) that way if you forget they'll remind you!


If you look at the sidebar to the right you will see a copy of a voucher we have been giving out in the office since the new year.  It basically allows anyone to come in for a free initial consultation.  The vouchers have an expiration date of March 31st.  They have been so successful we are extending it to May 1st.  So if you have one and you know someone who will benefit from this surgery feel free to give it to them and tell them to get in before May 1st.  If you don't have one but know someone who would benefit from the surgery let us know we will send you one!


Those of you who come to the office in Ocean County know that we have been talking for a while about opening a new office in Ocean County.  I am not quite ready to announce to new office opening just yet (although hopefully quite soon!).  I would however like to let everyone know we have hired two new staff members, Gera Greenspan and Ginny Christensen who will be our full time staff in Ocean county once the new office opens.  In the meanwhile they are training in the Millburn office until the new office opens.  You will also see them during our Friday office hours in Bayville.  Welcome Gera and Ginny!





From the Gut... by Glynn Fluitt
Mr. Fluitt is a patient, member of the Century Club and graciously contributes his thoughts and insights as a patient, a champion and an advocate for us all!



Free Time at the Table


When I started discussing my impending Weight Loss Surgery, a woman at my office (who had already been through the process) commented that I would be amazed at how much free time I would have after the surgery.


"You won't spend so much time shopping, cooking, cleaning or planning!"


I think back on that now and she was absolutely right . . and more! It impacted me in more ways, though.


Whenever I cook dinner, or my wife asks what I'd like for dinner, I'm at a loss. I don't eat that much. It seems such a waste to go to so much effort for a single chicken breast! I stay away from rice (still a dumping syndrome contributor for me), and I minimize potatoes. I will eat vegetables, but not many — I'm finicky that way. There's not a lot of interest in a big ol' steak.


So cooking and the act of sitting down to dinner doesn't involve much. If we're having a quick, run-n-gun family dinner, then it doesn't take too much time.< /p>


Tonight was great. My wife worked today, so I cooked a pork loin accompanied by some brown rice and a simple salad with romaine lettuce, apple and asian pear, balls of cantaloupe, zest of lemon and slivers of sharp cheddar cheese. My 17-year-old son had 3 helpings (he's 6'2″ these days!), my wife had a couple of helpings of pork and salad. I had a spoonful of brown rice and 1.5 slices of the pork.


The preparation and cooking took 20 times the amount of time it took to sit and eat. However, it was great to sit as a family and have dinner together in a time when our competing schedules rarely offer us the chance to eat at the same time.


The same is true when traveling or going out to dinner with friends. I don't yearn for a great burger, or a big plate of Mexican food like I used to. I can always get something to eat wherever I go, but I don't open the menu and make multiple selections. I look for the items that will give me that best bang for the buck and not put me in a position for leaving a full meal still on my plate.


We're going on vacation soon. Vacations used to be very focused on the regional cuisine, famous restaurants, and fun-filled snacking in local bistros and eateries. Not any more . . . the eating is really a second thought and makes me focus more on the activities rather than the feasting.


I don't feel awkward about being an "also ran" in the culinary festivities.

It just makes me realize how much time, as a morbidly obese person, I spent thinking, planning, strategizing, consuming, seeking, and relishing food. I don't know what to do with all this free time.


So I write articles about it!

 It's at least something to do while everyone else analyzes the menu.


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This is a tasty and nutrition-packed fish dish will keep your taste buds happy, your health on track and keep time in the kitchen to a minimum!


Mahi-Mahi with Macadamia Nut Crust

serves 4

Baking these nut-crusted fillets in the upper third of the oven  lets them brown nicely without the addition of oil. Serve with a side of Cherry Tomatoes.



    � cup fresh whole-grain bread crumbs
    3 tablespoons macadamia nuts, finely chopped**
    1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh flat-leaf (Italian) parsley
    � teaspoon grated lemon zest
    � teaspoon salt
    � cup nonfat milk
    4 mahi-mahi fillets, each 5 oz and about 1″ thick
    � teaspoon freshly ground pepper


    Place a rack in the upper third of the oven and preheat to 450�F. Place a small wire rack in a shallow nonstick baking pan  
    On a plate, stir together the bread crumbs, nuts, parsley, lemon zest and � teaspoon of the salt
    Pour the milk into a shallow dish
     Dip each fillet in the milk and then dredge in the nut mixture, coating completely and pressing lightly so the mixture adheres well.
    Place the fillets on the rack in the baking pan, making sure that they do not touch
    Sprinkle evenly with the remaining � teaspoon salt and the pepper
    Bake until the fish is opaque throughout when tested with the tip of a knife and the crust is golden brown, 10-12 minutes
    Transfer to warmed individual plates and serve immediately


**Make certain to finely grind the nuts. If you have a poor tolerance for nuts substitute 3 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese for the 3 tablespoons of nuts which will produce a flavorful coating for the fish.


    Calories: 180
    Fat: 6grams
    Protein: 28 grams
    Cholesterol: 140mg
    Sodium: 462 mg
    Saturated Fat: 1   
    Fiber: 1 grams

Click Here for More Recipes to Enjoy!    



Patients are frequently asking for suggestions on how to keep track of what they eat and how they know the mix of what is in what they eat – Protein, Sodium, Fiber,Carbs, Good and Bad Fats) especially when they are out or do not have access to the labels of the food they are eating.  If you want a mobile application to assist you when on the run, out eating or just like having it at your fingertips at all times…there is a Free Smartphone App called "LOSE IT!" that I have been suggesting to patients as an option to work the menu and menu the work for before, during and after surgery.  I have reviewed the app and find it to be a good way to help you work your plan.  

If you are using it now – would love to hear how it is working for you.  
We are not associated with the app in any way or receive any compensation for recommending the application 🙂 –
Upcoming Free Informational Seminars

The next Free Informational seminar is at our Millburn office on Wednesday May 1st, 2013 starting at 6:30pm.  Dr.Yurcisin leads the discussion on weight loss, your surgical options and if 'Bariatric Surgery is Right for Me?'


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Gera Greenspan is the new South Jersey Surgical Coordinator and Ginny Christensen joins us as the Front Desk Manager for South Jersey!  We are excited and welcome them both!!!!
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" Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have"   — Margaret Mead   


Pay It Forward 2013
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End Quotes:  

 "The more you eat, the less flavor; the less you eat, the more flavor." –Chinese Proverb

"The doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."  — Thomas A Edison


"To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." –Marcus Valerius Martialis


" My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four; unless there are three other people." — Orson Welles

" I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals. I'm a vegetarian because I hate plants. " — AW Brown

 Yours in Good Health,  
  Michael Bilof, MD
 Basil Yurcisin, MD

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