Class Trip Anyone?


I remember taking class trips when I was in grade school (my two favorites were the Bronx zoo and Hayden Planetarium…story for another day I guess), but we have a "class trip" planned for this week…

The class trip we have planned is this months support group..everybody is going to Trader Joe's.   We have done this in the past and it has been quite popular

The reason we do this from time to time is patients often ask, "I am not sure what to buy when I go shopping" or "How do I know if this food is really good for me" or "I am looking at these two products, how do I know which is better"..I think  you get the picture!

After you have had bariatric surgery our goal is to make sure you can decide for yourself what is good for you and what is not…well that process begins in the supermarket and at the checkout counter.  As an aside I would say after bariatric surgery you should definitely prepare more meals at is cheaper and generally healthier.  First of all portion sizes in restaurants are astronomical (which after bariatric surgery you definitely become aware of).  It's virtually impossible to finish an entree and the food almost always has more fat, sugar and salt in the restaurant compared to something you would prepare at home.  One tip I would give you is always get the sauce on the side when you order in a restaurant, generally the sauce has the most calories and salt (maybe I have to write a newsletter on ordering food in a restaurant)…anyway, sorry for the detour, lets get back to Trader Joe's.

So our goal is to empower you to be able to be able to make these decisions for yourself when you go shopping…Is this better than that, how do I read this label, does this stuff have "good carbs" or "bad carbs" this too much fat? etc.  This support group is very practical, nitty gritty stuff and the kind of information I hope you will find quite useful.

Anyway, for this class trip everyone will meet up at the usual time and place:

It is this Wednesday, April 6th and everyone will first meet at the
Ambulatory Care Center located at 200 South Orange Ave, Livingston at 6:00 p.m. and from there go to the Trader Joe's in Florham Park

Informational Seminar
If you know someone who has not had surgery, but would be interested in finding out more information we will be having a free informational seminar also at the Ambulatory Care Center, 200 South Orange Ave this Wednesday, April 6th it will start at 6:30 p.m.

That is it for this week, thanks again for reading and trusting the team at Garden State Bariatrics with your healthcare

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