April 2020

April 2020 Garden State Bariatrics & Wellness Center

The one commonality among us worldwide is, of course, the Coronavirus. In my monthly article, I generally discuss obesity, nutrition, and health-related topics. Well, this month they are all quite closely connected…
If you’ve been following the news you may know that most people (50-80%) who get COVID-19 have quite mild symptoms, sometimes no symptoms at all. This is actually one of the things that makes this virus such a problem….even someone who feels well and has little to no symptoms can still transmit the disease.
Even though it is still relatively early in the course of this epidemic, it appears that patients who do get sick are typically those that have a high risk factor including conditions like diabetes, asthma, chronic lung disease, the older population and those with severe obesity. This NY Times article goes into more detail.
Obesity, defined as a body mass index, or BMI, of over 40 (BMI calculator), increases your risk of COVID-19 and, of more concern, getting the more serious version that requires hospitalization.
If you’ve visited our website, you are familiar with many of the health risks associated with obesity including diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea and now added to the list, contracting COVID-19. In a new podcast, I discuss the relationship between Obesity and Covid-19 in more detail.
If you are considered obese, what can you do in the short term? It’s important to try to incorporate a healthy diet and exercise routine now. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of Netflix (guilty!) and binge eating while home. Set a schedule and an exercise routine daily (there are plenty of helpful videos on YouTube that don’t require any special equipment) and stick to it.
Although bariatric surgery has been deemed “non-essential” by Governor Murphy (though we disagree!) if you are considering bariatric surgery, now is a great time to discuss it with our office (we are seeing patients via Telemedicine!) and get prepared for when the surgery becomes an option again. Simply call our office: 973-577-7785

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