2011... Happy New Year


Hi All, and welcome to 2011, I just realized that I've been doing this email for over 3 yrs now….

….I also just realized I didn't send out a single newsletter in December!…guess like most of you I was pretty busy with the Holidays.

Speaking of Holidays I hope everyone had a safe, happy and healthy New Year and enjoyed celebrating your Holiday of choice (Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, winter solstice…did I miss any??…if i missed your particular Holiday I apologize..it's not personal).

I  wanted to thank everyone who came to the Holiday Party..another record attendance..over 500 (WOW!) of you came out..and the feedback was very positive about the new place, The Venetian in Garfield, where we had it this year.  I have to admit the comedian was a bit of a flop.  In my defense though I have to say I had it on very good authority that he was quite funny when several people who shall remain nameless (cough, cough…Laurie and Dominga!!) saw him perform at another event.

As usual we had a photographer at the event taking pictures and they will be up on the website www.gsbwc.com by the end of this week.


I wanted to acknowledge Jessica Ott (our former Patient Coordinator in Millburn), she has left Garden State to pursue a  degree in Nutrition and we wish her well…who knows maybe after she gets her degree in nutrition we'll be seeing her smiling face around the office again!

We also have two new additions to the staff:  Tracey Spencer joined us in October and we are very pleased she did.  She is our new patient co-coordinator (replacing Jessica) and brings a wealth of experience to the position.

Lynn Sanchez is currently part time and will likely be helping us expand the Ocean County office in 2011


Speaking of Ocean County we will be having our first patient information seminar of 2011 this Thursday, January 13th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at the "Center for Healthy Living".  Located at 198 Prospect St in Lakewood NJ.  It is right next to Kimball Hospital.

The seminar is free and open to anyone interested in finding out more about bariatric surgery…you know those New Year's resolutions about losing weight and getting your health back…I can say without any doubt or hesitation that bariatric surgery is absolutely the most effective method of weight loss out there.  The seminar is to help  you get all the details about how each individual procedure works and which might be best for any particular patient….again it is this Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30 if you are interested in attending please go to the following website and register:


When you go to the website just click on the blue "sign up" box and fill out some basic registration information…and you have to enter a security code at the bottom of the registration…by the way this is the hospital's requirements, not mine  🙂

At the beginning of this letter I mentioned that I've been doing this newsletter now for over three years (my oh my, how time flies when you are having fun!)..anyway if anyone has a request for a topic they would like covered (as long as it's medically related) I'll do my best, please email me at drbilof@gsbwc.com  Thanks again and Happy New Year to everyone.

End Quote: Even though the speaker is talking about birthday's I think it's a good quote for this time of year

"A Birthday is a good time to begin anew, throwing away the old habits, as  you would old clothes, and never putting them on again"
Bronson Alcott

As always thanks for reading and for trusting me with your healthcare
Michael Bilof

Contact Information

web site address: https://www.gsbwc.com
phone: (973) 218-1990

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