March 2008 - I, Robot

Greetings! I don’t know if many of you have heard of the surgical robot which has recently gotten a fair amount of publicity.  It is called the “DaVinci” Robot and St. Barnabas Medical Center (where I do all of my surgery) recently purchased one.  As sometimes happens with new medical technologies it has gotten attention as the “newest sexy thing”.  I have been trained on the device and have now done about 20 surgeries using it.  I don’tbelieve the robot really offers much of an advantage in bariatricsurgery as I already do all of my surgery laparoscopically (thru smallone or two inch incisions).  I believe, however,the robot will find its place with other procedures such as prostratesurgery and perhaps even cardiac surgery.  Imention it only to let you know that the hospital and I have acommitment to keeping up with the latest technology and whereappropriate using it to improve patient care. 
Many of you came to the “Walk for Health” last year, our fund raiser for bariatric research at the hospital.  We are having our 2nd annual Walk and it is May 3rd at Verona Park in Verona NJ.  The park is quite lovely that time of year and is very convenient off of Route 280.  Again May 3rd… save the date.
We are having our Walk for Health Kick off this Wednesday March 26.  It is at St. Barnabas Medical Center starting at 7 pm in the Islami Auditorium.  The auditorium is right next to the main entrance.  ThisWednesday’s event will feature Dr. Jeff Levine who many of you mayremember from the second season of the show “The Biggest Loser”.  Dr Jeff lost 183 pounds and has kept it off now for three years!  He will share his experience and talk about the importance of addressing the issue of obesity.  If you are free Wednesday night it promises to be an educational event.  Please RSVP to or call 973-322-4331. 
Many of you may be familiar with a website Obesity Help (  It is a useful site both for patients thinking of the surgery or patients who have already had surgery.  Ifyou’ve had surgery I would encourage you to put a testimonial on thesite as I know that prospective patients find the wisdom and experienceof people who have already had surgery very compelling.  Frequentlywhen I meet a patient for the first time they tell me that somethingthey read on Obesity Help is what moved them to make the appointment tosee me.  If you’ve had surgery (and experiencedit benefits) a testimonial is an easy way to pay something back to thecommunity, and you never know who it will touch.
I don’t know if this is widely known but I am originally from the Jersey Shore (Eatontown, Exit 105).  My next patient seminar will be down the Shore in Toms River at 10 am March 29th at the Holiday Inn on Rte 37.  If you know anyone from Monmouth or Ocean Counties who would benefit from the surgery let them know.
I thought I would end with a little joke in the spirit of Easter:
How do we know Jesus was a Californian?
He never cut his hair
He walked around barefoot
He started a new religion
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