June 2008 - The Century Club

WOW!  I hope everyone stayed cool over this past weekend and the past couple of days… or went to the beach!
I added a new feature to the newsletter last time called “The Century Club”, basically an acknowledgement for all the patients who have lost100 lbs or more.  I may ultimately add it as a feature on the website but for now it is just on the newsletter.  Anyway several of you emailed me back and said you wanted to be put in “the club”… so here are the latest inductees:
Lissette Campos  285 lbs to 178 lbs (and still going!)
Annette Patrick  365 lbs to 197 lbs  (and also still going!)
Elizabeth Meyer 280 lbs to 164 lbs
Fernando  Montalvo  298 lbs to 167 lbs
Charles Hart  508 lbs to 232 lbs  (Wow and he is still going… surgery Oct 2006)
Stefanie Ferrara  264 lbs to 158 lbs  (Surgery Nov 2006)
Mary Oven   363 lbs to 226  (Surgery Oct 2007)
Annette Fuchs   283 lbs to 160 lbs   (Surgery Oct 2007)
Charlene Opauski  325 lbs to 175 lbs  (her goal is 150… keep it up Charlene!)
Tommysena Smith-Fields   215 lbs to 107 lbs  (and most important Diabetes is better!)
Ana Chapman  280 lbs to 140 lbs  (and “she feels like a million bucks”)
Tom Bamber 450 lbs to 237 lbs  (and “feels like he is in a class by himself”… I think I agree Tom!)
You can see pictures of both Charlene O and Tom B on the website under
“Gallery”. (sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words).
If anybody else wants their picture on the website please email it to me at drbilof@gsbwc.com   Iknow some of you have sent pictures which are not yet up, if you areone of those people I apologize… occasionally we can’t use the picturesfor technical reasons.
Support Group:
We have a support group this Wednesday June 11th at 6pm for patients who have had (or are thinking of having) Gastric Banding Surgery.
On June 18th we have a support Group for patients who had surgery over one year ago. 
Both meetings begin at 6pm and meet at 200 South Orange Ave, Livingston, NJ (across from the Livingston Mall) and are FREE! And open to anyone who has had surgery or thinking of having surgery.
End Quote:
“When you reach the top, keep climbing”  Zen aphorism
Once again thanks for reading and trusting me with your health care.
Michael Bilof
p.s. anyone else who wants to be in “the club” feel free to email me… and a picture if you want your picture on the website. Contact Information

web site address: https://www.gsbwc.com
phone: (973) 736-8300

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