July 2008 - Century Club Update

It’s been a month since our last Century Club Newsletter and we have some new members…starting with a husband and wife team!

Carlos Ortiz ( Surgery  date 4/07) 506 lbs to 240 (Down 260 lbs….WOW!)  goal is 180
Jennifer Ortiz (9/07)  281 lbs to 175   goal is 130
Aretha Appea (1/9/04)  278 lbs to 128  “feel great about myself”
Terry Bazydlo (2/28/07)   283 lbs to 147  “A new person”
Allison Young  (6/05)  330 lbs to 200   “feeling GREAT”
Merry Feldman  (6/18/06)   305 lbs to 141
Jessica Urbanski  (6/07)  260 lbs to 145   “still losing”
Ilene Pearl  (4/16/07)  416 lbs to 248  “still going”
Reginald Brown  (2/07)  553 lbs to 270  (WOW  17 more lbs and your at 300 lbs lost!)
Noreen MacMahon  (1/07)  282 lbs to 173  Now doing a 5K run….good luck
NoreenYolanda Berry (7/12/06)   282 lbs to 149
Tomeka Mapp  (5/07)  326 lbs to 195
Ed Srebrenick  (8/07)  299 lbs to 189  No more diabetes, high blood pressure, or sleep apnea…and now he can see his ribs!

Anyway that is the latest update on The Century Club….anyone else want to join send me a note at drbilof@gsbwc.com

Support Group:  Last call to remind everyone about the Julysupport group which will be tomorrow July 16th at 6 pm.  All thesupport groups will be combined into one and we will have a guestspeaker (Dr. Sanjay Lalla one of our plastic surgeon’s).  Many patientshave expressed interest in speaking with a plastic surgeon, here isyour chance!  The meeting will be at the Ambulatory Care Center(ACC) 200 South Orange Ave, Livingston, NJ.

In good health,
Michael Bilof
Contact Information

web site address: https://www.gsbwc.com
phone: (973) 736-8300

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