Gastric Sleeve Surgery: How Big Are the Incisions?

Gastric Sleeve Surgery: How Big Are the Incisions? Garden State Bariatrics & Wellness Center

If you are considering gastric sleeve surgery, it’s natural to wonder about the scarring that could be left behind after the procedure. The size of the incisions used in any surgery determines the amount of scarring that will occur. Fortunately, as your bariatric surgeon will explain, gastric sleeve surgery incisions are usually very small.

Gastric sleeve procedures are performed using multiple micro-incisions. Generally, there are a total of five incisions - three ¼ inch incisions, one ½ inch incision, and one ½- ¾ inch incision. In some cases, patients don’t have any scars at all once healing is completed. When scars do occur, they are usually very small. Scars will continue to fade for about two years after surgery, so the final result will not be known until that time.

After gastric sleeve surgery, the team at Garden State Bariatrics will explain things you can do to reduce scarring. Contact us today for more information about gastric sleeve surgery. Call (732) 269-6800 to reach our weight loss clinic.

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