April 2008 - 60 minutes..YEY!!!

Well, I hope everyone got to watch the 60 minutes story on gastric bypass, but if you didn’t here is the link to the online video.


It is 13 minutes 8 seconds long (for some strange reason a 15second commercial runs before the actual video starts).  Let me give you the Reader’s Digest version…..it’s absolutely fantastic!!!  If you have any friends/relatives/co-workers who are sitting on the fence about coming to see me or about the surgery in general forward this email and link to them and they can watch the video themselves.

In my last email I warned that I didn’t know how the story would run, but that sometimes the mainstream media will do a “hatchet job”. That was NOT the case here, they got the story 100% correct.  They madethe case, quite forcefully I might add, that a gastric bypassessentially cures Type II diabetes in almost 90 percent of patients.

I have often said that if tomorrow a pharmaceutical company invented a drug that cured (not improved, but actually cured)90% of diabetics it would be front page news in every newspaper in thecountry.  Yet we have an operation that can do just that!  Again, ifyou any friends who are Type II diabetics you should forward this linkto them and let them know they can be cured!  There is no reason tosuffer with this dread disease anymore.

I don’t know if many people know just how serious a diseasediabetes is.  In this country diabetes is the leading cause ofblindness, kidney failure, and limb loss from amputation, and there is a cure!!  Think about that…we have a cure for the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure and limb loss.

I don’t know how many of my patients actually know this but beforeI started doing bariatric surgery I was a vascular surgeon.  Everydayas as vascular surgeon I dealt with the ravages of diabetes, trying toimprove the circulation of diabetic patients so they wouldn’t end upwith amputations.  Sometimes I was successful and sometimes not, but 5years ago when I found out that gastric bypass could cure this dreadfuldisease I knew I had found my calling.  I learned how to do the gastricbypass and have never looked back or regretted my decision, even thoughat the time it was difficult.  For me personally this 60 minutes storywas a great validation of why I made the choice to change my practiceto bariatrics in the first place.

Thanks for reading and trusting me with your healthcare.

Michael Bilof

p.s.  Hope to see you all on May 3rd, Verona Park, Verona at 10 am. for the “Walk for Health”My patient and KTU radio personality, Judy Torres, will be performing as well. Contact Information

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phone: (973) 736-8300

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