September 2020 Patient of the Month

September 2020 Patient of the Month Garden State Bariatrics & Wellness Center

I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager.  At the age of 40 I became a diabetic requiring several insulin injections a day.  I developed kidney disease as a result of diabetes. In 2013, I had to go on dialysis. I tried to lose weight on dialysis, but it was almost impossible.

In the fall of 2017, my transplant surgeon recommended I have bariatric surgery because at my weight I 

would not be a good candidate for a transplant. I did not think I could ever have weight loss surgery. The surgeon recommended that I see Dr. Bilof. He said he could do the surgery, but he had not done bariatric surgery on a peritoneal dialysis patient before and did not know how much weight I would lose.

In February of 2018, I had the surgery and began to lose with the support and assistance of Dr. Bilof and his staff.  I did so well that I lost 20 pounds more than the surgeon had advised I lose.

One year after my weight loss surgery, I got the call that a kidney was available and was a match for me!  I went to St Barnabas in Livingston as fast as I possibly could.  I arrived at St. Barnabas at 7AM and was in surgery by 10AM and recovery by noon. After only four days I was discharged from the hospital.

I am doing great and have continued to lose another 40 pounds since my transplant.  Before I lost the weight and received my kidney, I took five blood pressure medications.  Now I do not take anything for blood pressure. I feel better than I have in many years.  I am a new person with a new healthy life. I do not eat any processed foods, junk foods or pre-packaged foods. I owe Dr Bilof and his staff for helping me to be able to lose my weight and keep it off. I would not have gotten my transplant surgery without having my bariatric surgery. I am eternally grateful to Dr Bilof and staff for willing to help me without knowing how well the surgery would work.  Without them and their support, I would not be living my new healthy life with all the wonderful changes I have been blessed with.  I can safely say that I would not have received a new kidney if it had not been for Dr. Bilof and the changes he helped me to achieve.

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