September 2018 Patient of the Month

September 2018 Patient of the Month - Lucy DelGuadio - Garden State Bariatrics & Wellness Center

“More than a year ago, I decided to change my life. Years of living dependent on depression and anxiety medication took a major toll on my health. Overweight, hypertensive and pre diabetic, I met with doctors and decided to make a change. I started practicing a Holistic way to treat my Anxiety/Depression and kick started my weight loss via sleeve with the assistance of the amazing staff at Garden State Bariatrics. Dr. Bilof, Bella, Wynnie and the Millburn Office staff have been absolutely supportive and always greet me with a smile. Today, I’m back to my Army weight, MED FREE and all my health issues under control. It hasn’t been easy but I’m happy I did it! Thank you to all my family and friends that joined my journey with overwhelming support. Now I’m training to run the NYC Marathon in November.” 

- Lucy DelGuadio

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