Patient of the Month Jessica Rotondella

Patient of the Month Jessica Rotondella at Garden at State Bariatrics

Since this is our first time doing “Patient of the Month”…

Now, since we have this brand new Facebook Page (which I know everyone will check out and both “Like” and “Share” :)) we are adding some new features! The one I want to mention specifically is our “Patient of the Month” feature. Basically each month we will profile a “Patient of the Month“, the only criteria is that you be a Garden State Bariatrics & Wellness Center patient and that you have had bariatric surgery.

If you meet those two criteria then let us know if you want to be our “Patient of the Month”. We will need a Before/After picture and a short write up of your journey through bariatric surgery. If you are chosen as our Patient of the Month you will get a one year gym membership as well (if you are already a member of gym then we can give you a gift certificate to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s or some other local supermarket).

With that background let me introduce our very first “Patient of the Month” (drumroll please…..) Jessica Rotondella. Here is Jessica’s own words about her journey through bariatric surgery….

Jessica Rotondella

  • Starting Weight: 352 lbs
  • Current Weight: 159 lbs
  • Total Weight Loss: 193lbs
  • Surgery Date: 2-24-14
  • Surgery Type: Gastric Bypass
  • Age: 30

My decision to have this surgery was based on my family’s health history of diabetes as well as high cholesterol and the road that I saw myself on. At a young age of 28 it was hard for me to do every day activities, uncomfortable to hold my nephew, hard to walk through a mall, and the joy of shopping for clothes was non-existent. The talks of planning on having children became a common conversation at family parties and I could not help to think about how risky it would be for not only me, but also my unborn child if I were to get pregnant.

I knew I had to do something; this is when I had taken my mother’s successful experience and advice with her gastric bypass procedure. I came in for my first appointment with Dr. Bilof around June of 2013. He made me feel comfortable and did not make me feel like I was a failure. Like many other people I have lost 100’s of pounds only to gain it back multiple times. I needed something more, something to force me to stay on track. Gastric bypass was the answer for me. It has not been as easy as I thought it would have been mentally, but it was worth it. Dr. Bilof offers support groups and his office has always been there to help answer any questions I may have had making this journey a little less stressful. Nothing tastes as good as feeling good and I have nothing but an optimistic mindset for my future.

This is Dr. Bilof again…thank you Jessica for sharing your story with our fellow patients or even people thinking of doing this surgery. I think for someone considering this type of surgery the experience of someone who has lived through it speaks powerfully. Jessica was kind enough to not only share her story but some before/after pictures as well. I think you’ll agree with me that she looks as good as she feels! Again, anyone who wants to be our “Patient of the Month” please send your story and before/after pictures to

Here Before & After! Congrats!

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