October Patient Of The Month Laura Benedict

October Patient Of The Month Laura Benedict Garden State Bariatrics & Wellness Center

I have, health, happiness, confidence…thanks to Dr Bilof and the amazing staff he has working with him!

My first visit to Dr Bilof, I was 281!! I was focused on having the Gastric Sleeve surgery and I never looked back…no nerves, no second thoughts. Is this an “easy way out”? Absolutely NOT! Is it the BEST way? For me, absolutely!! Day of surgery (Aug 13, 2014) I weighed 261 lbs…today (Oct 9, 2015) I am 144-145. I feel great, am no longer pre-diabetic and have been off my blood pressure meds since the second month…what a great gift Dr Bilof has given me!

I even went up in a helicopter this past Aug…something I NEVER would have done before…LOL!

With the continued help from the staff at GSBWC, and the awesome group of people we have in our support group, I know I will always be this successful. At this point, the hardest part is having enough money to buy new clothes…LOL!

To anyone considering WLS, talk to the staff and come to one of our support groups…we will all be glad to help you in any way we can. They are my family…

With much thanks and love,
Laura Benedict

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