October Patient Of The Month Kelly Petrucci

Kelly Petrucci, October's Patient Of The Month at Garden State Bariatrics

Getting up the courage for the initial appointment was the hardest part.  That morning, I wanted to cancel but knew I had to go.  I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into Deborah Heart and Lung.  I was so nervous I wanted to run!  As I sat in the exam room, a soft spoken gentleman came in and introduced himself as the physician assistant Keith.  He was so caring and treated me with such respect.  He calmly explained the different surgeries and answered all my questions.

Then came the dreaded examination…

I explained how embarrassed I was of my body and he assured me it would be ok.  And it was.  Next, I met with Dr. Bilof.  He is such a dapper man, with his tie matching his socks.  I thought that this was too good to be true.  These Dr’s are nice!  I left that day knowing that these were the  doctors for me.  The subsequent visits were easy and very positive.  The feeling of family with this group was apparent.

Along the way I got to know Julie who took care of scheduling everything, Kathleen being my nurse, friend and just so supportive, Keith, a friend for life and Dr Bilof- a perfect match for me.  Dr. Bilof once told me that if I ever had a question to just call him.  I told him I would never bother him at home and he replied “that’s what my cell phone is for“.  What doctor does that!!! So, My surgery came and all went well.  No more diabetes, no more excess skin, hernia repair done, just new clothes!  Life is GOOD!  My journey is not over yet.  I have lost 150 pounds and the possibilities are endless.  It is hard work, however with the support of Dr Bilof, his staff, family and friends, I will continue.

I feel blessed to have discovered Garden State Bariatrics.

Thanks Kelly we are very proud of you!

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