May 2017 Patient of the Month

On January 20, 2016 i embarked on a life changing journey.  After years of struggling with my weight, i decided to have gastric sleeve surgery.  Upon much soul searching i decided it was important to share my journey with you!  I remember searching for someone…anyone to help ease my fears and anxieties about surgery but had a difficult time.  I hope that by sharing my journey that i can help be a calm voice of positivity to help you through this seemingly scary ride.  For years i felt s though i lived in a body that didn’t belong to me.  I felt trapped.  I finally broke through the chains of insecurity and have found myself… once again! This is all i ever wanted to be… me! I wish the same for you…  I hope you enjoy my YouTube series Beneath The Surface!

Thank you Dr. Yurcisin of Garden State Bariatrics for helping me find myself!

xoxo, Carla

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