July Patient Of The Month Ilene Pearl

Ilene Pearl, July's Patient Of The Month at Garden State Bariatrics

I had my surgery in April of 2007. I weighed 445 pounds and am now 165 pounds. I have lost 275 pounds and feel wonderful. My family doctor has told me I am healthier than him. He feels now I will live to 100 at this point in my health. I had the gastric bypass surgery. I was so scared and didn’t think I would survive the surgery as I was very unhealthy. Within the first month I lost almost 100 pounds. I stayed on my protein drinks twice a day for the first 6 months. I was fully satisfied and was getting all my important nutrients and vitamins. Within the first three months I was finally able to go for walks which I hadn’t been able to do for years.

Once I was out walking I felt so much better and started to lose even more weight. I had originally lost 220 pounds within the first year and a half. Then I continued to lose weight until I finally lost 275 pounds. In this past year I have had further surgery from the weight loss as I had mounds and rolls of excess skin. I had two surgeries this past year to remove excess skin from my waste, hips, butt, and thighs. I have been told my body now looks like the body of a 20 year old ( and I am 57 now). I am wearing clothing that I had saved from my high school days that is now back in style. Going clothing shopping is interesting. I was wearing a size 4X and now am wearing a size small on top and a size medium (10-12) on the bottom. I have not had surgery on my breasts or upper arms where there is still skin hanging but the insurance does not cover these surgeries and I cannot afford anymore, so I chose the worst areas to have taken care of.

Thank you Dr. Bilof for all you have done. Since my surgery has worked, my one daughter has had the gastric sleeve and has lost 75 pounds and has started to feel better also. Some other of my family also is in the process of looking into this and can’t wait to feel better.

Thank you again and attached is the before picture and two after pictures (one from the 2014 holiday party with Dr. Bilof’s party)

Thank you,

Ilene Pearl

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