January 2017 Patient Of The Month

January 2017 Patient Of The Month Garden State Bariatrics & Wellness Center

Today (11/11/2016) is my one year anniversary since my surgery. After struggling with my weight for the better part of a decade, the yoyo effect with trying different “fad diets”, losing weight and gaining it back, an unhealthy addiction to food, a poor self-image and self-esteem, dealing with social anxiety, being borderline diabetic, and suffering with sleep apnea…

I made the decision to have weight loss surgery. I had a sleeve gastrectomy on 11/11/2015 and took charge of my health and my weight. I had 85% of my stomach removed which forced me to eat smaller (normal sized) portions, which also got me in check with what I’m putting into my body because surely I don’t want to fill my “pouch” with anything that isn’t giving me the nutrients that I need. I used to be a “soda junkie” and ate a lot of fast food, and I was also an emotional eater (which normally consisted of sugary junk food). Today, I can’t tolerate soda, sugary or greasy foods (I’ve tried a couple things, and learned REAL QUICK that its not even worth it!). I don’t even crave it anymore.

It’s been a very empowering journey. I have lost 102 pounds altogether! I weighed 223 lbs at my heaviest, I was 212 lbs the morning of my surgery, and I am currently down to 121 lbs. I went from a size 18 jeans, down to a juniors size 7! It wasn’t “the easy way out”, you definitely have to be ready for this change, you can’t just have surgery and think it’s going to do all the work for you, there were some struggles I had to overcome along the way, but I would do it all over again (just glad I won’t have to)! In fact, I believe this was the best choice I’ve ever made for myself. I have more energy, a higher self-esteem, and an all around better outlook on life. Treating my body better feels AMAZING, I eat clean, I stay hydrated, I work out, and my hard work has paid off! I look and feel 5 years younger than I did this time last year! The borderline diabetes and sleep apnea? GONE!

However, I didn’t do this all on my own, I’ve got a lot of people to thank for being in my corner. I had an amazing support system, and I am truly grateful for my team at Garden State Bariatrics. Dr. Yurcisin has been awesome and made me feel comfortable with the process, and confident in my decision right from the beginning. I drove an hour and a half from Vineland to the Toms River office for my appointments just because I loved my team so much, between Jessica (at the front desk in the office), Julie (my appointment coordinator), Anna (my nutritionist), Keith (the surgical assistant), and of course my family and friends have been there to help keep me focused and motivated along the way. I’m very grateful to be where I am today, truth is I was depressed for a long time with a lot of it stemming from being overweight, unhealthy, and uncomfortable. I’m extremely satisfied with my decision, NO REGRETS!

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