August 2017 Patient Of The Month

Myself (Deanna) and my mother (Gina)  have been struggling to lose weight for years. It seemed as though we had tried everything. One day I decided to look into bariatric surgery. I did a few google searches and came across Dr. Bilof and Garden State Bariatrics. After several months of preparation for our surgeries we finally them on December 28th, 2015. I went in first and she went in right after my surgery was complete. My starting weight was 310lbs and my mom’s was 250lbs. Since then we have both lost over 100lbs. I have lost 147lbs and she has lost 110lbs. This surgery has allowed us to live healthy and better quality lives. We are now able to physically move better and mentally we both feel better. We have totally changed our lives for the better. We have adapted new eating habits with the help of your dietitian. I now exercise 4-5 days a week. Having this surgery was not easy but with time and dedication we were able to get the results we wanted. This is our new life. Thank you Garden State Bariatrics!

Thank you,


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