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For people who have never struggled with obesity, we suspect it is hard to relate to, but most of our patients have been hopelessly struggling with weight loss and obesity for years/decades. We believe that one of the greatest benefits we offer people is hope. Imagine for a moment that you had a problem with which you had been struggling for many years and then someone arrives with a real solution that actually works. It is very powerful to be offering our patients a very real solution that makes such a difference in their lives.  As some of the top bariatric doctors in New Jersey we want to help you change your life.

Surgery…a Cure for Diabetes

  • “Obesity and obesity-related Diabetes are reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S. – over 10% of the country is now diabetic. It is the leading cause of blindness, limb loss and kidney failure in America. Virtually every news report we see still talks about treating diabetes. We need to alter the language to say resolving diabetes –We say CURE – because it is now possible. Bariatric Surgery eliminates Type II Diabetes in 80-90% of cases and this is revolutionizing medicine as well as people’s health. It’s extremely exciting.”

Why choose Bariatric Surgery

  • It is compelling because it is the single surgical procedure that improves, treats and resolves many conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure, Reflux Disease, Infertility, Back and Joint Pain just to name a few. It is satisfying to work with people who refuse to be victims of their obesity or of these diseases.

MBSAQIP accredited

  • Our practice has been designated as an MBSAQIP accredited practice by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. We are among a handful of bariatric surgical practices specially designated in the State of New Jersey. We are gratified to be recognized for giving our patients outstanding care.

An Exceptional Experience

Our team has built our practice by listening to each of our patients, understanding their needs, their concerns, and what motivates them and what they want from us. We consider ourselves partners in our patient’s health and well-being. This partnership begins with the first contact. Our commitment is to provide a five-star experience to each and every patient.

Dr. Michael Bilof

Dr. Basil Yurcisin

Reclaim Your Health, Your Body… Renew Your Life