GSBWC Nutritional Program

Our Dietitian Wynnie Hoodis

  • The benefits of bariatric surgery related to overall health and wellness are life-changing. I take great pride in providing nutrition counseling both pre and post surgery. My standards are high while making sure that each patient is given a quality bariatric diet education. I truly care and want to learn about each individual patient’s lifestyle so that I can better understand how to help each one to develop life-long healthy eating habits which is essential in reaching and maintaining their goal weight. I love my job at Garden State Bariatrics because the patients and my co-workers are so wonderful to be around!

Another GSBWC Difference – Our In-House Nutritional Counseling Program

We know that surgery is a tool and must be coupled with ongoing lifestyle changes to support your immediate and lifelong success and sustain a medically healthy weight. Our in-house nutritional program provides the counsel, support and expertise needed for pre and post-surgery support. Most insurance companies require nutritional counseling as part of your medical approval for surgery. We have excellent nutritionists – in both our North and South Jersey office – trained in bariatric nutritional counseling and ongoing support. Our nutritionists work with you every step of the way. We offer counseling in-house so you do not have to search for a qualified professional to support your process.

North Jersey Nutritional Office Hours

  • Time: Tuesdays 9am-noon and 1pm-7:00pm – each appointment is approximately 45 minutes
  • Thursday: Once a month 9am-2pm Nutritional appts – call for Dates

South Jersey Nutritional Office Hours – Toms River Office*

  • Time: Tuesdays 9am-noon and 1pm-7:30pm – each appointment is approximately 30 minutes

* As of July 1st 2013 we closed our Bayville office and opened a new full-time office at:

1430 Hooper Avenue Suite 203 Toms River, NJ 08753

As part of our comprehensive support program, patients in the process of surgery with us, are required to attend pre-surgery nutritional counseling (as part of the requirements for surgery). There will be no co-pay charge to our patients If you have insurance, we will submit a claim for the visit and accept what insurance pays us for the visit. We will waive any co-pays for the pre-surgery nutritional counseling; just another gift to you as part of your ongoing commitment to a new life!

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